Prince Edward Island Potato Board

The Prince Edward Island Potato Board represents the 180 potato growers in the province, and represents the interests of the PEI potato industry to various levels of government. The Board licenses Prince Edward Island dealers and exporters to buy and sell PEI potatoes in Canadian, United States and offshore markets. It also promotes the production and marketing of quality seed, tablestock and processing potatoes. The PEI Potato Board consists of grower elected table, seed and processing directors from each of three districts for a total of 12 directors. The General Manager of the PEI Potato Board is Greg Donald and the current Chairman of the Board is John Visser.

The Processing Committee operates as a committee of the PEI Potato Board and consists of nine grower elected members and two processing directors from the PEI Potato Board. Growers are elected to three-year terms. The primary mandate of the Processing Committee is to negotiate processing contracts on behalf of the growers of Prince Edward Island. All contracts are voted on by the growers for final approval. The current members of the Processing Committee are as follows:

Kevin Schurman, Chairman
David Harris, member
Mark MacMillan, member
Troy Rennie, member
Clint Ching, member
Andrew Smith, member
Craig Wallace, member
Brad Mills, member
Willem van de Wetering, member


Scott Howatt
Processing Specialist
PEI Potato Board
90 Hillstrom Avenue
Charlottetown, PEI C1E 2C6
Tel: 902-892-6551
Fax: 902-566-4914