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Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative, SIPCO, was founded in 1997 and acts as the bargaining unit for Idaho frozen process growers. The growing area represented by our membership encompasses an area from Bingham County in eastern Idaho across the entire state to Western Idaho and the Oregon border. SIPCO negotiates annual contracts with our Idaho and Oregon processors with the goal of providing a stable and reasonable rate of return for the Idaho frozen process grower. Along with this, we strive to provide raw product that is of the highest Idaho quality standards for our processor customers.

Board of Directors:

Executive Director: Dan Hargraves
Paul Behrend, Aberdeen, Idaho President
Wes Wootan, Glenns Ferry, Idaho- Vice President
Jeff Harper, Mountain Home, Idaho Secretary / Treasurer
Mark Darrington, Declo, Idaho Director
Tim Eames, Rupert, Idaho Director
Greg Nickell, Blackfoot, Idaho Director
Mike Schritter, Aberdeen, Idaho Director
Ritchey Toevs, Aberdeen, Idaho Director
Albert Wada, Pingree, Idaho Director



Southern Idaho Potato Cooperative
275 South 5th Avenue, Suite 245
Pocatello, ID 83201




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