Agricultural Bargaining Council

The mission of the Agricultural Bargaining Council is to negotiate produce contracts on behalf of its membership. We will gather information pertaining to bargaining and the produce industry, on a nationwide and North American level. We will analyze and apply that information in our bargaining process and disseminate same to our membership. We will monitor legislation and rule-making on the state and national level that will affect our members and will react with Board approval. We will work to promote harmony within the industry and its organizations throughout the state. We will continue to strive for an expanded market for our membership.


  • Bruce FlewellingPresident
  • Jimmy FitzpatrickVice President
  • Ward McLaughlinSecretary/Treasurer


  • Murray Blackstone - Caribou
  • Bruce Flewelling - Easton
  • Jay LaJoie - Van Buren
  • Mitchell Pelletier - Fort Kent
  • Scott Ayotte - Hamlin
  • James Fitzpatrick - Houlton
  • Jamie Hagan - Houlton
  • Bret Butler - Limestone
  • Logan Nason - Littleton
  • Darren Chandler - Mapleton
  • Kramer Bell - Mars Hill
  • Ward McLaughlin - Mars Hill
  • Garrett Hemphill - Presque Isle
  • Keith Labrie - St. Agatha
  • Adam Paradis - St. Agatha
  • Matt White - Washburn
  • Kyle Atcheson - Woodland
  • Alan Moir - Woodland


Erica Fitzpatrick Peabody 744 Main St, Suite 6 Presque Isle, ME 04769